Charcoal Bottle Stopper 2
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Charcoal Bottle Stopper 2

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The charcoal and translucent gray resin give this bottle stopper a unique depth that pairs well with the stainless steel hardware. Each stopper is 100% unique and no two will ever be the same. The photo above depicts the exact product you will receive.

All of my stoppers are handmade by me, Kayla! I use premium Alumilite resin, flowers, and pigments to achieve the best quality product. It starts off as a cylinder, and then I turn it on my lathe into whatever shape that I feel fits the 'blank'. Blank is just the term used for the resin cylinder or block before it gets turned into a finished product on the lathe. I also offer custom options! Message me for details.

*Handwash with mild soap and water